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South America: Major problems we face nowadays

Race or ethnicity in Central and South America: do black lives matter there?

According to informations from countries of South America and Central America, most of the censuses conducted by the authorities define citizens in relation to their ethnicity and not in relation to their race. It should be noted that some of ...

"Now it's the monkeys who rule us", says white Colombian woman speaking of black Francia Elena Márquez

Francia Elena, you are a real lioness. All self-identified black people congratulate and encourage you for your fight, your courage, your tenacity, your self-sacrifice and your sense of justice for all. At your young age, you are already a hero to us. But don't make the same mistakes that many black people like Serena Williams, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and others who have reached the top have made and continue to make: racism is inexcusable wherever it comes from. That's what the laws are there for, and they must be applied in all their severity and rigour. If you start excusing racist acts, you are encouraging racism.
Francia Elena Márquez is the young black Colombian woman who was insulted by a white Colombian woman called Luz Fabiola Rubiano, who called her a "monkey". She is currently Vice-President of the Republic of Colombia. ...

Afro-Colombian AFRODES activist, Bernardo Cuero Bravo, aged 62, killed by racists on Jun 7, 2017 in Malambo, Atlantico, colombia

On 7 June 2017 in Malambo, black Colombian rights defender Bernardo Cuero Bravo fell, killed by pistol shots fired at him by racists. This peaceful man was doing nothing more than legally fighting for the rights of Afro-Colombians. His alleged killers, Victor Carlos Meriño Pereira, Humberto Luis Hernández Estrada, alias El Pollo, and Duván Piñeres Rubio were identified by the police and brought to justice. However, the Colombian justice system, which does not favour the emancipation rights of Afro-Colombians either, has used all possible tricks to ensure that none of the three men is punished. At the time of writing, we learn that the main alleged perpetrator, Victor Carlos Meriño Pereira, has simply been released! The Colombian government must take immediate action to prevent the recurrence of these acts of impunity, as there can be no real social peace as long as the rights of Afro-Colombians are violated with impunity and Afro-Colombian representatives are killed without justice being served on their killers.
According to the AFRODES association as reported by Adia News, and by Telesur Bernardo Cuero Bravo was shot in front of his family as he watched a local league soccer game. "Two men arrived on a ...