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Black Dignity is Inviolable! |


Black dignity is inviolable!

It has been more than 1000 years since Blacks are continuously being enslaved, deported, abused, beaten up, killed, deprived of their lands, etc.... The industrial slavery of Blacks, is by itself more than 500 years old!

It is a never ending story and we can ask ourselves what Blacks have done to the other peoples. The answer is just as simple as surprising: Nothing. Nothing at all. But then absolutely nothing! Blacks are not on earth to be directed, commanded, malformed, slaves made by other peoples. They are on earth for themselves, and like all other peoples, have the right to their dignity.

Past generations have waged heroic struggles to safeguard the dignity of blacks and have achieved very respectable results. But, non-Blacks, who do everything to preserve their privileges by subjugating blacks, transmit their racism, their hatred and their scorn towards Blacks from generation to generation. Their strategies are always more refined, always better adapted to each era and with each generation. Racism in the Age of digitization is a proof of this.

We believe that, like the ancestors of Blacks who at every epoch, used the means they had to fight for their dignity, present-day generations should, among others, use digitization to continue the fight, because the dignity of Blacks is inviolable.

One of the important points in the use of digitization for this fight is the collection of datas. Black people themselves must collect data on injustices, hatred and racism of which they are victims throughout the world. This database is an indispensable instrument for their struggle. No case should be forgotten and no victim should be forgotten!

As you can see, we have set the bar very high on this point. But this can be achieved and it must be achieved. However, our small means are very limited. We do not even for instance have the means to translate the data in all five languages that we have chosen to start our work with and are obliged to use google translater with all the consequences it means!

We therefore ask you to support our work by making financial donations and sincerely thank you in advance.

Your AfroChallenge team

P.S.: We do apologize for our bad english for, we are no native speakers.