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Black Dignity is Inviolable! |

About us

Who are we?

There is actually nothing to say about ourselves. But since curiosity is in the nature of mankind, we assume there are people who want to know who is behind this website. We do not want to leave that curiosity unsatisfied. This is the reason why we are answering that question:

We are just a handful of people in a small jungle village in central Africa who believe it is highest time Blacks started enjoying their dignity because it is better that way for mankind. But there are millions of people in the world who believe the same thing. So, we are probably just like you. There is nothing special we possess and we do not even have any particular skills in any particular area.

We are just driven by the idea that if Blacks are rehabilitated and their dignity is warranted, we will all live in a better world. That is the reason why despite the bitter struggle for daily life, weather and other vicissitudes of life, we meet and work to contribute to achieve that goal, which this website can testify.

For the moment we are working on the following topics:

a) Afro-Informations and news

b) Afro-Opinions

c) Protocol of racism against Afro-Descendants

d) Protocol of Afro-Descendants killed or injured by police

e) Protocol of Afro-Descendants killed or injured by racists

Your AfroChallenge team

P.S.: We do apologize for our bad english for, we are no native speakers

You can also contribute!
Your financial contribution, your contribution through articles or translation is very appreciated.