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We, at need help for translation

You may have read here that our resources are very limited. Blacks are scattered across the world. They live in different countries and speak very different languages too. Our goal in medium term is to reach all of them, or at least in large part. We started our work with the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. But already for these five languages, we are at the limit of our capacities. That is why we appeal to you.

If you can on volontary basis help with translation of articles and other informations presented in this website, please contact us by clicking on the menu Contact above and choose the category translation for the message that you send to us. In your message of contact, we pray you to

1) briefly tell us about your motivation

2) tell us what your mother language is

3) tell us from which language into which other language you want to help with translation

4) tell us how long you will be available to help us.

5) tell us in which topic you want to help us. At the moment we have the following topics

a) Afro-Informations and news

b) Afro-Opinions

c) Protocol of racism against Afro-Descendants

d) Protocol of Afro-Descendants killed or injured by police

e) Protocol of Afro-Descendants killed or injured by racists

Of course, you can also help us to translate other texts which are not in any of the headings above. In this case, please kindly tell us which ones.

Please send all your translations to

In medium term, an interface for translators will be implemented in this website.

We sincerely thank you

Your AfroChallenge team.

P.S.: We do apologize for our bad english for, we are no native speakers