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Protocol of racism against Afro-Descendants

  Mar 17, 2017 racial profiling: New Haven, Connecticut (United States)

Afro-American man arrested by police because possessing a small pocket-knife

In the evening I was stopped on my way back from a restaurant by police. The officers told me they had stopped me because one of my lights was brighter than the other. I just stepped out of the car and one officer asked me wether I had anything supicious in my car like weapons or drugs. My answer was...

  Mar 8, 2017 Education: Charlotte, North Carolina (United States)

Afro-American student expelled from school because wearing dreadlocks

One afternoon, I received a call from a teacher of my son who told me that Milton, my son, could not return to school until he cuts his hair. When I asked her why, she told me that the Rastafarian hair style that my son is wearing is against the school conduct. It was only a couple of days later...

  Aug 24, 2016 Job: Houston, Texas (United States)

Despite a better grade than my white competitor I was not recruited because I am black

After graduating from university last year, like most of my former comrades, I started looking for of a job. Hundreds of job applications I sent to several companies remained without a favorable outcome. But in December 2016, I was invited to a recruitment interview by a company in Houston, TX. A few days before, I met by chance a former...